Ongoing Research Projects

California Test System (CATS): A Geographically Accurate Test System based on the California Grid

The California Test System (CATS) is a synthetic transmission grid in California that is suitable for power flow and policy analyses with geo-referenced applications, including studies related to weather and socio-economic considerations.

DynaGrid: Dynamic Microgrids for Large-Scale DER Integration and Electrification

The DynaGrid project aims to develop a framework for dynamic formation and operation of networked microgrids.

PSERC T-67: Smart Meter-Driven Distribution Grid Visibility and Control

To unlock the capabilities of smart meters for distribution system applications, this project develops data-driven models for distribution systems and associated methods for real-time state estimation and control applications.

PSERC T-64: Who controls the DERs? Increasing DER hosting capacity through targeted modeling, sensing, and control.

Distributed energy resources (DERs) present both challenges and opportunities for distribution grids. This project develops modeling and analysis techniques for systems with many DERs that have potentially conflicting control objectives.

PSERC S-95: Reliable fault-ride through and protection of converter-dominated power systems under unbalanced conditions

Grid-forming power converters are envisioned to be the cornerstone of tomorrow’s resilient and sustainable power systems. This project investigates unbalanced fault ride through and the interaction between converter and system protection.

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